If you are craving for a bowl of hot and delicious Vietnamese Pho, come to Zao Vietnamese Bistro and try their bestselling Pho – the Zao Pho!

Zao Vietnamese Bistro’s Appetizers

Zao Vietnamese Bistro's Appetizer Sampler
Appetizer Sampler: Fresh Rolls, Fried Spring Rolls, Pork and Chicken Satay, Sugar Cane Shrimps and Lots of Prawn Crackers

Before Zao Pho, let me tell you about their Appetizer Sampler (Php 585) first. This sampler consists of fresh rolls, fried spring rolls, sticks of satay and sugar cane shrimps.

The fresh rolls were bland which I thought to be intended like that because it should be dipped into its special sauce to enjoy it. However, the sauce did not help.

The fried spring rolls were too much oily and didn’t taste anything special about it. The best way to enjoy the fried spring rolls, according to the waiter, is to wrap it with fresh lettuce leaves and have it dipped on vinegar. But even after doing that, there was nothing extraordinary.

Both pork and chicken satay were juicy! I love the smell and the texture while eating it.

The sugar cane shrimps were wonderful and my favorite in the sampler. Sugar cane shrimps are deep-friend shrimp paste wrapped on sugar cane. Like the spring rolls, these shrimps are best to be wrapped with lettuce leaves. But make sure that you remove it from the stick first.

It was great that I tried the sampler so I know which to order the next time I will go back here. And when that time comes, I will definitely have either Zao Satay Platter (Php 395) or Sugar Cane Shrimps (Php 365).

Zao Pho

Zao Vietnamese Bistro's Zao Pho - Vietnamese Beef Soup
Zao Pho – Flanks, Tendons, Meatballs and Rice Noodles

Zao Pho (Php 285) is now officially my favorite beef Vietnamese soup! The beef flanks were well cooked – soft and not to hard to chew – while the tendons were tough and chewy as how you expect it to be!

The meatballs were extraordinary. Unlike other meatballs available in the market, theirs are more of meat than extenders. And there’s something in it that I cannot explain but it is really delicious!

The soup was great! I love the balance of the beef broth and the corriander – the blend was amazing. It made me want to ask for another bowl.

Optional Garnishes
Optional Garnishes: Beansprouts, Thai Basil, Lime, Sliced Labuyo

Like with other Vietnamese restaurants, all bowls of Pho comes with a set of optional garnishes so you can customize your Pho experience. Add the beansprouts for additional texture. Place some of Thai basil leaves to add more exotic twist to your soup. And of course, lime if you want it to be more sour and some sliced labuyo if you want it to be spicy hot.

Seafood Pho

Zao Vietnamese Bistro's Seafood Pho
Seefood Pho: Prawns, Squid, Fish Fillet, Fish Balls, Fresh Vegetables and Rice Noodles

Another one of their bestsellers is the Seafood Pho (Php 285). It’s basically a mix of seafood and rice noodles. I am seafood lover but I did not really like it so much. The shrimps and the soup were great but the other ingredients like the fish fillet, fish balls and the squid were so-so.

Like the Zao Pho, it also comes with a set of garnishes.


Among the appetizers from the sampler, I love both the Pork and the Chicken Satay, and the Sugar Cane Shrimps. As for the noodles, Zao Pho is the best flank-and-tendon Pho that I have ever tasted so far. I love everything about it.


Zao Vietnamese Bistro
Level 5, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall,
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Facebook: fb.com/ZaoVietnameseBistro

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